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Shipping rate adjustments…

Due to the evolving nature of shipping things around the world, affected by labour disputes, fuel costs, border controls etc, thus occasionally costs move up or down. Once in a while, everything uniformly moves in one direction. More often than not, different tiers of package sizes and weights change independently of each other. Now is […]

Production parts

Inventory and Shifting Production…

There are a number of products marked out of stock for quite some time now, which should already have been restocked weeks if not months ago. This was a combination of bad luck, an unusually early spring warming, and a dispute with a key manufacturer. It isn’t all bad news as it forced some strategic […]

Clearing out inventory!

Clearing out inventory!

There’s a new section in town, and he’s called Garage sale. This new section will be host to all kinds of miscreants, leftovers, and anything rounded up to keep the shop streets clean. Check back randomly, and you might find some treasures lurking there…   The majority of items will likely end up “open box” […]

Limited edition Z31 RCA kit - gloss black

Limited edition Z31 RCA kit – gloss black

The best-selling rollcenter adjuster kit for the 300ZX just got a little better for a limited run!   Normally available in plain steel, a small batch of powdercoated parts has been produced. They’ll provide excellent corrosion resistance, and have a classy appearance, because every Z-car needs some functional flair.   If these become a hit, […]